Free analysis of acts of a tax audit

Free analysis of acts of a tax audit

We carried out a free analysis of tax audits will help taxpayers to strengthen their confidence in the correctness and appropriateness of their tax records, to gain additional support in defending their positions, to get an opinion from the situation, as well as to widen their experience in dealing with tax disputes.

Free analysis of tax audits conducted remotely and includes analysis by our specialists of a tax audit and the taxpayer a brief oral report on the legality of the position of consultant (illegitimacy) produced additional accruals for certain sections of the act, and whether any additional charge may be more likely to challenged court.

The service is free at the analysis does not involve:

assessment of all the episodes (in particular, small in price), as described in the analyzed event (decision), a tax audit.
detailed justification of our legal position.
selection of judicial decisions.
design results in writing (in particular, the preparation of objections to the act).

At the same time in case of interest, client specialists "Audit Rights" are ready to provide legal assistance to the following:

* Conduct analysis of enforcement practices in each of the episodes contained in the Act for a tax audit (including the practice of tax, financial, courts).
* Define a list of documents necessary to substantiate the legality of actions of the taxpayer.
* Prepare a written objection to a tax audit (within the statutory period)
* Define a list of documents necessary for submission to the tax authority later.
* Make recommendations for correction of documents issued in violation of the law - if the patching is acceptable at that stage.
* To assess the prospects of the objections to the act of a tax audit and further movement of the case.
* To carry out the protection of the client's interests in the review process by the tax authority objections to a tax audit.

These services are provided for a fee.
The cost of the services listed above, in this case will be communicated to you immediately after the initial introduction to the act (decision).
In the case of a contract to represent your interests in the case of invalidation of the analyzed our decisions in court (tax) authorities the amount paid for the analysis are included in calculating the cost of this contract.

To conduct a free analysis of tax audits, you can send the act (decision) tax audit and the documents it deems necessary to conduct our analysis. By the act (decision) attach a cover letter with a request to conduct a free analysis of trends in the documents and a list of attached documents and provide contact information (name, position, phone, e-mail) the person with whom you can be contacted for any clarification and provide results analysis.

When sending documents by e-mail, within days after receipt of your letter, you will receive notification of our receipt of documents. If such notice you do not receive, we ask you to call back to the office for information.

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