Prices for accounting services

Type of service Cost, UAH.
1. One-time consultations
- Oral (per hour) 150 UAH / hour
- Written 250 USD
- Written, with an analysis of the primary accounting and records client 250 USD
2. Subscription (monthly) Advisory services: Cost / month
- Verbal 500 USD
- Written 750 USD
- Written, with an analysis of the primary accounting and records client 500 USD
3. Keeping accounting and tax purposes:
- Zero reporting
- Up to 30 documents per month
750 USD
- Up to 50 documents per month 1000 USD
- Up to 100 documents per month 1750 USD
- 100 to 500 documents per month 3000 USD
- More than 500 documents per month Upon
One hour of an accountant with the visit to the customer 200 UAH
4. Service charges (calculated) salary per month:
Package "Basic" *
Up to 10 employees
Up to 20 employees
21-50 employees 20grn. / Person.
51-100 employees 17.5 UAH. / Person.
101-200 employees 15 UAH. / Person.
More than 200 employees Negotiable
Package "Optimal" *
Up to 10 employees
Up to 20 employees
300 UAH.
500 UAH.
21-50 employees 30 UAH. / Person.
51-100 employees 26 UAH. / Person.
101-200 employees 25 UAH. / Person.
More than 200 employees Negotiable
5. Optimization services tax under the current legislation:
- Checking enterprises and organizations for a particular species and the development of tax optimization schemes 1000 USD
- Development of instruments specific to the enterprise 250 USD
6. Compilation of annual financial statements:
- Reporting requirements on P (C) for one-hand report 150 USD
- Preparing a separate declaration on VAT, income tax and pension fund (the price depends on complexity) From 150 USD for a declaration
7. Accounting support for your business legal entity to a single tax without FEA ** 750 UAH ***
8. Accounting support for your business legal entity to a single tax with FEA * UAH 1,000 ***
9. Restoration of accounting Upon
10. The "Chief Accountant" (the daily remote monitoring of the correctness of accounting, closing the month, preparation of all reports )**** From the 1000 UAH
11. Verification of professional knowledge of the candidate for the post of Chief Accountant (test for accountants selected by the customer's business). The cost for one test candidates. Upon
12. Services to optimize the efficiency of the enterprise: 750 USD
- Services to optimize organizational structure 500 USD
- Assessment and analysis of the internal audit service 750 USD
13. Preparation of the order to the accounting policy the company to schedule workflow and job descriptions 750 USD
14. Providing guidelines and advice on taxation and accounting 500 USD
15. Selection regulations 100 USD
16. Automation of accounting based on 1C: To improve the entrepreneurship Upon
17. Assistance in financing an emergency, LLC, SAP 300 UAH
18. Writing a business plan from 2500grn
19. Feasibility Study for a loan From the 2000 UAH
20. Develop budgets and programs of strategic management Upon
21. Analysis of financial - economic activity of enterprise 1000 USD
22. Management consulting from 300 USD / person
Maintain personnel records *****
Staff to 10 people. 300UAH.
Staff to 20 people. 400 UAH.
Staff to 50 people. 750 UAH.
Staff to 100 people. 1250 UAH
More than 100 staff people. Negotiable
23. Business Planning 1000 USD
24. Economic business analysis 750 USD
25. Cost of person / hours for hourly pay specialist 150 USD
26. Legal support ****** Negotiable

* Calculation (calculated) wage

The basic package on charge (calculated) salary does not include the transfer of wages to the cards, reporting delivery and personalization. In "Optimal Set" includes:
  • reception, analysis and control time sheets, staffing and preparation for the counting process;
  • reception and control of the validity of the sheets of temporary disability certificates for nursing and other documents confirming the right to non-employee at work to prepare them for the counting process, and to develop the set of financial statements;
  • reception and control of the validity of the orders to:
- Admission and dismissal of employees;
- Business trips;
- Holidays.
  • reception, analysis and data of claims for compensation package approved by the company and their preparation for the counting process;
  • calculation and payroll (including bonuses, overtime, vacation days and days missed because of temporary disability);
  • preparation of payroll and payslips;
  • associated reporting: a social fund. insurance, pension fund, tax inspection;
  • preparation of certificates of wages for employees;
  • accounting paperwork associated with employee benefits businesses;
  • transfer of wages on the cards for salary project staff as needed.  
Features affecting the price of services for payroll:
  • number of employees whose salary is calculated;
  • the number of generated reports;
  • delivery of reports.

** Foreign Trade - Foreign economic activity.

*** Prices announced for a "typical" company: The number of employees up to 5 people, disabled people are missing, the number of bank accounts of one or two, the number of transactions on sale - up to 30. Cash turnover of 500 thousand UAH including VAT per month.

**** Execution of functions of Chief Accountant is opposite in its essence the implementation of certain accounting functions. The service is for those companies that have a large amount of current primary documentation and the need for continuous recording and updating the accounting database, which does not give accounting functions to a third party.
In this case, you can arrange a permanent remote monitoring and control over the quality of your accounting process and preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements to tax authorities.

In the mandatory features of the scheme of service includes:

  • Configuring the remote access client to your database 1C
  • Daily monitoring of your accounting process in the 1C and validation of individual groups of entries and the overall system of accounting
  • closing months and impose all the taxes, the creation of payment orders for Taxes and Duties
  • preparing and sending to the STI, extrabudgetary funds and Goskomstat monthly or quarterly, and annual financial statements and tax returns based on data from your database 1C
  • advice on current issues of accounting and receiving operational data on the phone at an affordable our service information

***** Personnel Records (record)

Specialists of the department of services for personnel administration may take the following functions:
  • preparation of documents for registration of hiring a new employee;
  • Personal registration cards;
  • maintenance work books;
  • calculation of the total insurance and seniority;
  • design transfers, changes in wages, changes to employment contracts;
  • Sick design;
  • accounting periods;
  • clearance of the payment of premium pay;
  • maintenance staffing;
  • preparation of documents for registration of dismissal the employee (in a conflict-free manner);
  • execution of orders for holidays and business trips;
  • Preparation of job descriptions and positions of departments;
  • registration of labor contracts, liability, civil law;
  • explanations on the application of labor laws.
For recovery of personnel records, development of provisions on wages, motivational schemes for employees, collective agreement, negotiated an additional cost and depends on the scope of the company and organizational structure. When ordering the service "accounting" or "payroll" on the further conduct of the personnel records provided for a monthly discount of 10% of the cost of care.

****** Legal Services
The consultants of our company provide various kinds of legal services for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. As part of our company consists of experienced lawyers and attorneys who will help you start your business in line c by applicable law, provide legal services in all phases of business, but will also have legal assistance at the close of business, will help you resolve legal issues.
List of basic legal services to businesses and individuals include:
  • legal services;
  • support the acquisition and disposition of business;
  • subscriber's legal support of businesses and individuals;
  • registration, reregistration, the cessation of business enterprise (entrepreneur);
  • Conflict resolution, legal representation and support for execution of court decisions.

The cost of accounting support services may increase depending on the characteristics of accounting.

Increase in cost (in%), depending on the characteristics of accounting are as follows: 1. Types and characteristics of activities.
  • Construction (including their own resources) production, catering and other types of requiring an intra operations: write-off of raw materials, finished products, costing, etc. - 20%
  • Import-export operations - 25%
  • Transactions in securities - 20%
  • Trade excise goods (alcoholic beverage, fuel, cigarettes, etc.) - 10%
  • Retail cash register - 25%
  • Different VAT rates for products or goods in the implementation - 15%
  • Intermediary activities (multiple komitentovkomisionerov) - 20%
  • The presence of several different types of activity - 20%
  • Real estate transactions - 10%
  • Formation of the primary documentation for our company increases
  • cost of accounting services by 10-30%.
  • Primary documents: acts of acceptance, bills, invoices,
  • money orders, cashier's checks and other documents of the primary accounting system.
2. Additional primary documentation.
The formation of a non-standard set of primary documents - from 15 UAH per document. The list of standard set of documentation that is included in the basic package of accounting services:
  • Contract of sale, supply, services
  • Invoices, invoices for shipment, the purchase
  • Acts of the executed works with explanations
  • Acts of Reconciliation
  • Cashier Company
  • Registers of tax bills
  • Enterprise Ledger
  • Tax register for income tax
  • The accounting policies and tax accounting
  • Statements of wages and taxes
  • Labour orders (appointing, dismissing, travel, vacation)
  • Staff list
  • Employment contracts and agreements on liability

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