Tax Code of Ukraine, consulting assistance to support the issue of tax free list of budget changes to VAT legislation single podatkovy new wording of the article text in Vinnitsa

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, which entered into force c January 1, 2011, changed the list of state and local taxes and fees, compared to earlier standards applicable law on the taxation system.

Taxes in the art. 9 of the Tax Code contains the following list of national taxes and charges:

1. Income tax expense (Section III NKU st.133-161);
2. The tax on personal income (Section IV, st.162-179);
3. Value Added Tax (VAT) (Section V, st.180-211);
4. Excise tax (Section VI, st.212-230);
5. The fee for first registration of the vehicle (Section VII, st.231-239);
6. Environmental tax (Section VIII, st.240-250);
7. Annuity payment for transportation of petroleum and petroleum products by the main oil and product pipelines for transit transportation via pipeline of natural gas and ammonia on the territory of Ukraine (section IX, st.251-255);
8. Annuity payment for oil, natural gas and gas condensate produced in Ukraine (section X, st.256-261);
9. Royalties (Section XI, st.262-264);
10. The fee for the land (Section XIII, st.269-290);
11. The fee for the use of radio frequency resource (section XV, st.318-322);
12. The fee for special use of water (Section XVI, st.323-328);
13. The fee for special use of forest resources (Section XVII, st.329-334);
14. Fixed agricultural tax (chapter 2, section XIV ╚Special tax regimes," st.301-309);
15. Gathering on the development of viticulture, horticulture and hop;
16. Duty (governed by the customs law);
17. Gathering in the form of targeted supplements to the current tariff for electricity and thermal energy, but the electricity generated by qualified CHP (Chapter 3, section XIV, st.310-313);
18. Gathering in the form of targeted supplements to the existing natural gas tariff for consumers of all forms of ownership (Chapter 4, section XIV, st.314-317).

As for local taxes, these are listed in Article 10 and Section XII "Local taxes and duties" of the Tax Code (st.265-268).

Thus, the local mandatory payments:

1. The tax on real estate other than land (introduced from 1 January 2012, in accordance with paragraph 1 of section XIX NKU);
2. Single tax (subsection 8 of section XX ╚Transitional Provisions" of the simplified taxation system, acts to make changes to Section XIV ╚Special tax regimes" NKU);
3. The fee for the implementation of certain business activities;
4. The fee for parking vehicles;
5. Tourist tax.

Earlier, Local taxes include tax on advertising, municipal tax, fees for parking of vehicles, market fee, fee for issuing a warrant for the apartment, resort fee, fee for participation in the races at the track, collecting a win at the races at the track, the collection of individuals involved in the game for betting and racetrack, the fee for the right to use local symbols, the fee for the right to host the film and telesemok, the fee for conducting the local auction, competitive sales and raffles, the fee for issuing permits for siting retail and service, data collection from the owners dogs.

Recall that as from 1 January 2011, Ukraine enacted a law "On the collection and accounting of a single fee for obligatory state social insurance", which introduced a single social contribution, bringing together the various contributions to the social fund (pension, unemployment insurance, accident at work, and for temporary disability). The function of a single administration sotszvnosa transferred to the Pension Fund.

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