Analysis of the financial activities of the enterprise, business management material financial resources consulting solvency liquidity sustainability investments balance in Vinnitsa

"Audit Rights" offer an independent review of financial and economic activity in Vinnitsa your company to determine its competitiveness on the Ukrainian market, to identify internal resources, the possibility of the use of financial resources and capital, to perform its obligations.

We provide the following services in the analysis of financial and economic activity in Vinnitsa:

* Analysis of existing business - processes;
* Analysis of the control system;
* Analyze the effectiveness of the use of material and financial resources;
* An analysis of production costs, other expenses and costs;
* Advising on the restructuring of the enterprise;
* Advice on the production optimization business.

Company's ability to make timely payments to finance their activities on an extended basis of evidence of its good financial condition. Financial condition may be stable, unstable and crisis.
The company's financial results determined by the manufacturing, commercial and financial activities. If the production and financial plans successfully executed, it has a positive effect on the company's financial position. Conversely, as a result of underperformance plan for the production and sale of products (works, services) is an increase in unit costs, reduced revenue, total profit and, consequently, the deteriorating financial condition of the company and its solvency.
Strong financial position, in turn, exerts a positive influence on the performance of production plans and meet the needs of the production of necessary resources. Therefore, the financial activities as an integral part of economic activities aimed at ensuring orderly receipt and expenditure of monetary resources, the implementation of the computational disciplines, the achievement of rational proportions of equity and debt capital and the most effective use of it.

Possession of information in Vinnitsa on the financial status of the company - a sure way to its development and prosperity. Need to understand the meaning of such economic indicators as liquidity, solvency, financial stability, business activity, the effect of financial leverage, and others, as well as to know the method of analysis.

Identifies the following research objectives of the financial condition of the organization in Vinnitsa:

∙ Identification of Vinnytsia financial position of the organization, search and address deficiencies in financial performance, identification of reserves to improve the financial condition of the company and its solvency, monitoring the values ​​of key financial indicators to ensure consistency with the results of the strategic objectives of the enterprise;
∙ detection of changes in financial condition as compared to previous periods;
∙ identify the main factors causing changes in financial condition;
∙ predict the main trends of the financial condition, the rationale for financial strategy, the rationale for indicators of a business plan.

The main purpose of financial analysis in Vinnitsa - getting key informative indicators that give an objective picture of the financial situation of the organization, product profitability and capital.

In Vinnitsa analysis objectively assessed:

∙ solvency;
∙ liquidity;
∙ financial stability;
∙ business and investment activity;
∙ investment attraction;
∙ the effectiveness of the organization.

In this case, the client may be interested in not only its current financial condition, but his immediate or long-term prospects. Sometimes the manager wants to know whether it was true he had chosen politics.
In addition, the management of the organization, the founders, owners and shareholders need full and detailed information about the financial position and profitability of its products and capital.
Work on the analysis of financial condition allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, to choose the correct path to the best of its development and achieve significant revenue growth. As a result, the company will be able to understand the correctness of the chosen methods of financial policies and adjust them if required. Necessary information is the financial (accounting).
Analysis of financial statements (accounting).
To accounting data includes the data of accounting and reporting, statistical accounting and reporting, operational accounting and reporting. Information accounting used in financial analysis in Vinnitsa, depending on the subjects and purposes of the shares on the data of financial accounting and reporting and data management accounting.

These form the basis of financial accounting information support system of financial analysis. On the basis of this information is carried out a synthesis of the financial condition and developed projections for the values ​​of key indicators.

Information is the basis of the data block of financial accounting, presents the financial (accounting, reflecting the financial situation of the enterprise.

Company's capital structure is characterized by the information contained in the balance sheet and statement of changes in equity.
To evaluate business activity involved in the data as a balance sheet and profit and loss account.

Profitability analysis activities in Vinnitsa is based on the data sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity.
Regardless of what the financial characteristics of the enterprise is supposed to evaluate a necessary element of the knowledge base are the data contained in the explanatory note to the financial (accounting).

Also an important element of financial (accounting) is the auditor's report, designed to provide confirmation that the information reporting can be used for making financial decisions.

The advantage of financial (accounting) is its relative accuracy, because it reflects events that have already occurred, with the figures of this group were measured quantitatively. The fact that the formation of indicators of financial (accounting) is based on common methodological principles of accounting, with certain assumptions, suggests a fairly high degree of reliability of such information, of course, if there is confidence in compliance with the preparers of financial statements (accounting) of these principles.
Common approaches to the formation of indicators of financial (accounting) allow to use standard algorithms for calculation of financial indicators, as well as to compare with those of other enterprises.

At the same time, in order to ensure reliable results of analysis of financial condition of Vinnitsa is necessary:

a) To implement the verification of financial (accounting);
b) make a reasonable adjustment information, based on uncertainty, varying reliability of individual indicators, inflation, etc.
In addition to the financial (accounting) in the analysis of financial condition may be used data management accounting. In order to inform the analysis, data management accounting can be formed in the context of the following main blocks: the spheres of activity and geographical segmentation of markets, by product, by type of resources (material, labor, financial) responsibility centers, cost center, by profit center.

These statistics and reports can be used in the analysis of financial condition in order to identify trends in key indicators of behavior and the degree of uncertainty and risk. For example, information about the dynamics of sales are the basis for system-wide forecast of financial analysis in Vinnitsa.

In analyzing the financial condition of Vinnytsia can use data records management: the operational information about the presence and movement of funds, the state of accounts receivable and other information.

Initial data for the analysis of financial condition of Vinnytsia can be obtained from external sources of information: general economic information, industry information, information about the stock market and real estate, information on the capital market, information on owners and managers of the analyzed company, information on contractors, information about competitors and etc.

The main directions of analysis of financial performance.
The main purpose of analyzing the financial activities of enterprises is to obtain an objective assessment of their solvency, financial stability, business activity and performance.

Audit and Law in Vinnitsa analyzes financial performance in the following areas:

1) Analysis of financial results and balance sheet structure of the enterprise
2) Analysis of balance sheet liquidity of the enterprise, including:
2.1) Analysis of assets, grouped by degree of liquidity and liabilities are grouped according to maturity.
2.2) Analysis of liquidity by using coefficients.
3) The analysis of solvency and financial stability.
3.1) The analysis of solvency;
3.2) Analysis of financial sustainability;
3.3) Analysis of the sources of the supplies and costs.
4) Performance analysis (cost-benefit analysis).
5) Analysis of business activity.
6) Analysis of receivables and payables.
7) Analysis of specific performance indicators, including:
7.1) Analysis of revenue;
7.2) Analysis of specific inventory and fixed assets.

Analysis of financial activity is part of the analysis of financial and economic activity, which in turn relates to the analysis of financial and economic activity.

The economic potential of the organization can be characterized in two ways: from a position of wealth and enterprise from the perspective of its financial position. Both sides of financial and economic activities are interrelated - an irrational structure of the property, its defective structure can lead to poor financial position and vice versa.

Stability of the financial situation of the enterprise depends largely on the appropriateness and correctness of an investment of financial resources into assets. During operation of the enterprise value of assets, their structure is undergoing constant change. The most general idea about the qualitative changes occurring in the structure of funds and their sources, as well as the dynamics of these changes can be obtained using the vertical and horizontal analysis reporting.

Criteria for qualitative changes in property status Vinnitsa enterprises and their degree of progressivity are such factors as:

∙ the amount of economic resources of the enterprise;
∙ The proportion of the active part of fixed assets;
∙ wear coefficient;
∙ the share of Quick Assets;
∙ The proportion of leased assets;
∙ the share of accounts receivable, etc.

Analysis of financial performance Vinnitsa (financial analysis, analysis of financial and economic activity) is an integral part of financial management, whose main functions are as follows:

∙ involvement of the required resources and implementation of financing schemes that provide the minimum cost of advanced capital;
∙ asset management companies, providing him the maximum profit at an acceptable level of risk;
∙ providing current and long-term solvency;
∙ development of strong relationships with shareholders, contractors, banks and other financial institutions;
∙ making decisions on investments and investment projects, promoting the welfare of the owners.

Based on the foregoing, it must be concluded that the analysis of financial activity in Vinnitsa (financial analysis, analysis of financial and economic activity) is one of the major blocks of company management, directly affects the success of a business.

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