Legal due diligence, analysis of enterprise contract lawsuit lawyer attorney firm sanction the company a tax contractor in Vinnitsa

Legal audit of Vinnitsa - is conducting a comprehensive legal analysis of the business enterprise or individual sections of this activity. Legal due diligence in Vinnitsa can also assume the analysis of specific documents or transactions.

The result of due diligence in the winery is the conclusion of the expert, that shows the risk of concluding a transaction, a set of transactions or activities as a whole, in particular, the risks associated with:

* Failure to perform contractual counterparty
* The use of financial sanctions by the tax and other regulatory agencies
* The involvement of officials of the enterprise to administrative or criminal liability
* Application of fines by the counterparties.

Also in the conclusion, based on the audit rule to the winery, may contain troubleshooting tips for certain violations, or alternative ways to achieve company sales target - instead of the ways to achieve it, that is illegal or risky.
On the basis of due diligence in Vinnitsa conclusion by our experts, on request, will take measures to eliminate detected violations, neutralize risk or significant reduction in their extent.
Very often, due diligence is conducted in the winery as part of this procedure, as Due diligens.

Comprehensive due diligence in Vinnitsa activities:

This type of audit requires a legal analysis of the company since its inception, including an analysis of the constituent documents of the company formation procedures of its share capital, appointment of the head and the formation of the administration, analysis of the legitimacy of governments and their decisions. After analyzing the structure of the company's management, the expert is taken for the study of existing personnel documentation and procedures for handling relations with employees (for details see the section titled "HR Audit"). Comprehensive due diligence in Vinnitsa necessarily includes an analysis of the legal status of real and personal property of the company regarding the legality of its acquisition and processing of transactions. In the process of comprehensive due diligence Vinnitsa experts identified the direction of the company, assuming the licenses or special permits. When conducting a comprehensive due diligence in Vinnitsa mandatory contractual work examines the company, identified "weak points" used at the facility contracts, and provides recommendations to address them.

Legal audit of individual transactions and winery operations:

This type of due diligence Vinnitsa involves not only the traditional process of due diligence of the project contract, but also the analysis of settlement of the contract, delivery of goods (services, works), which is especially important for enterprises engaged in foreign trade (for more details - see Tax Planning .)

Legal audit of the conflicts in the winery:

Any business, regardless of its size, is always associated with conflict. Conflict can arise within the company - corporate or labor dispute. But often there are conflicts with the contractors (civil conflict winery) or by state and local authorities (administrative conflict). The specialists of our center are ready to take any legal measures to facilitate the resolution of conflicts that have erupted as soon as possible, and give clients advice on avoiding them in the future. The most appropriate way to resolve the vast majority of conflicts, we always recommend to clients - it talks. And just in case, if negotiations do not yield the expected results, we recommend disciplinary, judicial, and administrative methods of conflict resolution.

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