Audit services, check guarantee company investment consulting company servicing the cost of maintenance tax audit advice in Vinnitsa

The company "Audit Rights" offers a full range of audit services in Vinnitsa for companies of all ownership forms. Vinnitsa audit company provides information on the study of the reliability of financial and economic activities and form the basis for its conclusions about the real financial condition of the company. Vinnitsa independent audit of economic of the company highly qualified company "Audit Rights" will help determine the correct accounting staff accountant to confirm the correctness of calculation and payment of taxes, as well as compliance reporting.

- Advice on accounting and taxation in Vinnitsa:

On request by the auditor to check out the Vinnitsa enterprise, institution or organization with an introduction on the spot with the documents and providing advice in the presence of a responsible person. When you have received from the client a written request provided with written advice that is issued or on company letterhead and sent to the client by mail or fax, or sent by e-mail client. At the conclusion of the audit firm Vinnitsa contract for auditing services winery, the customer receives or weekly or monthly package of documents on accounting and taxation in accordance with the direction of the client's business;

- Advice on reporting Vinnitsa:

On request by the auditor to check out the Vinnitsa practical assistance on the compilation of financial and tax reporting and reporting to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund. Also provided a written response from the customer when you receive a written request. When an audit client receives a service Vinnitsa in the corresponding period a set of necessary documents on issues that interest him;

- Tax planning and tax optimization in Vinnitsa:

include advice on avoidance of double taxation, or maximum, the optimal choice of the family enterprise in order to minimize taxes, subject to applicable law. Consultations are available in oral form over the phone and in writing;

- Check the primary accounting and tax records in the winery:

it includes checking for compliance with current legislation of Ukraine for the last period with the provision of the audit report, which covers the Vinnitsa auditor identified weaknesses and makes recommendations with respect to the deficiencies identified. In the audit report Vinnitsa auditor does not express his views on the issues examined, and this remains at the discretion of management entity;

- Auditing services in the winery:

- Is the most effective way to verify the accounting and tax documents, as verification is done on a monthly basis and at the same time eliminates the shortcomings in the validation process and are not systematic. Also in this case directly to the auditor Vinnitsa gives direct verbal advice on preventing future such errors. When the audit services the auditor provides a set of documents that are associated with specific activities of a business entity, because he is interested in the fact that no mistakes made, which then must be corrected with the help of his own. The results of this test is given an audit report for the quarter, despite the fact that the check is done on a monthly basis, as it is associated with sdavaniem Declaration on company profits on a quarterly basis to accrual basis;

- Analysis of financial and business entities in the winery:

includes the calculation of common factors, and providing appropriate recommendations for their reduction to the normative values. This procedure is based on data from financial statements (balance sheet, income statement) of a certain date or at the end of the quarter or year on the relevant procedures approved by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine;

- Observation of the inventory of Vinnitsa:

carried out under the terms of the International Auditing Standards number 501 and includes the presence of the auditor in conducting an inventory, which is held the employees of a business entity. According to the results of inventory auditor provides the appropriate documents, while in the audit report reflects the results of the inventory with the statement of proposals;

- Expression of opinion Vinnitsa:

to validate the financial statements of issuers of securities on the results of operations for the year and to confirm the formation of the authorized capital (fund) is associated with the recommendations approved by the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market (Securities Commission) and agreed by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. Similarly, provided legal advice to entities which operate in financial services (pawn shops, credit societies, pension funds, etc.) by methods that are approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ukraine.

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Строгое соблюдение конфиденциальности информации, получаемой специалистами фирмы на любом этапе работы с клиентом является одним из главных принципов нашей работы. Мы обеспечиваем сохранность документов и не разглашаем их содержание без согласия собственника, как это установлено украинским законодательством, профессиональной этикой аудиторов и юристов

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