Criminal lawyer attorney litigation trial law liability protection of a process code of the principal investigator of conflict pre-trial judge sentenced the witness free consultation victim fault damage aid appeal lawyer in Vinnitsa

The main direction of Vinnitsa lawyers krmpanii "Audit Rights" in the proceedings of this provision to persons who are subject to criminal liability, professional legal support in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "On Legal Practice and existing criminal and criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine as a criminal defense lawyer in Vinnitsa.
Criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa - is the guarantor of compliance with all laws and rights of the person concerned, which is subject to criminal liability.
Experienced and professional attorney in Vinnitsa, must navigate the rules of the existing penal and criminal procedural law and without any difficulty to cope with all posed by ambiguous and sometimes conflicting, dangerous situations during the implementation of protection in criminal proceedings in Vinnitsa. Competent counsel promptly and effectively apply their skills in the process of protecting the citizens that were in difficult circumstances. The criminal justice system - is the scope of its activities for the benefit of all the interests of the Principal.

If you are made ​​to the illegal actions of the prosecution and you want to with honor and dignity to get out of this situation, and prove their innocence - professional lawyers and experienced lawyers of the company "Audit Rights" in criminal cases in Vinnitsa be able to solve your problem, thanks having a practice dealing with such conflicts and situations. Also, we can protect you from the tyranny of the investigator or a judge, which is often very difficult and at the same time, the most important task of a lawyer in the criminal process in Vinnitsa. Complex it is because a person who is subject to criminal liability, is opposed to all the power of state law enforcement system. Over the last few years of practice in this situation is most often the courts side with the prosecution and sometimes ignore the gross violations of the rights and interests of the defense, which is unacceptable. Because the most important thing is on the scales of justice - the fate of a man and his rights.

Strictest confidentiality, in compliance with all laws relating to professional secrecy. Intelligently thought-out tactics of defense in criminal cases in Vinnitsa, high quality and reasonable cost of services that are the company "Audit Rights" - are the guarantee of a successful resolution of disputes to criminal cases and conflicts, the abolition of unfair decisions and judgments that affect the interests of my clients.
During the period of protection of our clients, we try not to give advance guarantees for the outcome of the case because: may identify new, previously unknown, episodes of criminal activity or clues that may complicate the achievement of goals and objectives. Our most important function - time to adjust the chosen course of action and give it the appearance of compliance with the existing at the moment of decision-making conditions.

Counsel, having joined a specific task relating to criminal proceedings in Vinnitsa and who knew Marine case this area will help maintain trust and business relationships with other actors. Appeal against the actions of persons and their solutions in the production of which is the case, he would be if they have not only a procedural perspective, but also the grounds therefor. Lawyers for the company "Audit Rights" of this kind, confident in their abilities and will behave properly with his own adversary, but also be able to competently and effectively prove inquiry officer, prosecutor, investigator or judge wrong in their position or bias against the Principal . After all, sincere lawyers interested in the future of their citizens who were in the position outside the law and in need of professional help a defense attorney in Vinnitsa. Lawyers in criminal cases of "Audit Rights" with his tactics.

Than a criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa can help the suspect, accused?

The role of counsel in the pretrial investigation can hardly be overestimated. Counsel of a suspect or accused at least not tolerate violations of the rights of his client and put to rest any illegal methods of investigation and obtaining evidence, will take steps to remove procedural flaws, incomplete pre-trial investigation, and at best will halt the criminal case at the pretrial stage of investigation (inquiry).

Than a criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa can help defendants convicted?

When it is transferred to the court, the chances to achieve an acquittal is not too high (but they should be used in full!). That is why it is important to seek help to advocate for pre-trial investigation. The work of counsel during a judicial investigation is directed more to the fact that to achieve the most lenient sentence.

Why would a criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa a witness?

Under current legislation, employees of inquiry or investigation shall notify the suspect of his right to refuse to testify (in fact all that he says could be used against him in court), as a witness, on the contrary - the obligation to give them and criminal penalties for perjury and explanations. In other words, if the investigator wants to avoid a suspected failure to testify, then deliberately misinform regarding its status and invited to the first interrogation as a witness.
Fortunately, the witnesses, as well as other participants in the criminal process, have the right to legal counsel during the interrogation. By the nature of the issues experienced attorney immediately to determine the actual (rather than the declared by the investigator) the status of his client, give advice on answering the questions, recognize and put to rest the possible psychological pressure on witnesses, as well as other illegal actions, would provide a true reflection of the interrogation statements and filing violations .

Why would a criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa victim?

Probably, there are few victims who do not want to just punishment for the offender and compensation for material and moral damage caused by crime. However, our world is not perfect, and justice does not triumph simply because it must triumph. For it must be fought. With the shortcomings of the preliminary investigation, the lawyers of the accused, bureaucracy and corruption of the judicial system.
Fortunately, victims and other participants in criminal proceedings, may seek the assistance of a lawyer who will take care of the proportionality of punishment for the guilty and the rights of the victim in full.

Criminal lawyer in Vinnitsa victim:

- Explain to the victim what rights he has and what actions can be taken for their protection,
- To help gather evidence of guilt of the accused and to justify the damage caused,
- Prepare all the necessary pre-trial investigation and court documents
- Protect the interests of the victim at the preliminary hearing and at trial,
- If necessary, appeal the decision of the court.

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